PPE Needs At Local Hospitals


Dental Colleagues,

As you may know, medical professionals throughout the country are running low on basic supplies. Supplies are so limited doctors are wearing masks for full days, or sometimes not at all. The news has even asked people at home to make homemade masks to help.

Many dental offices are closed or limiting patient care to “emergency care only” as advised by many organizations such as the ADA, ISDS, and AAE. We have contacted several medical professionals who expressed strong interest in receiving any supplies that our dental community could donate. We suggest that anyone with any amount to give, consider a donation of any PPE type equipment – Masks (with or without shields), gloves (non-latex preferred but latex accepted too), and disposable gowns.

If you would like to contact us to help figure out who you could donate directly to, or to facilitate a drop-off or pick-up of supplies from your office, please email us at the following email address for assistance:

[email protected]

If you already have a connection to a location that you could donate to, please consider that option. At this time we plan to take supplies to local hospitals for distribution.

Thank you,

The Partners of Endodontic and Periodontic Associates


To reinforce the need in our hospital systems, please see the below communication from a doctor in our local community:

Dear fellow members of the healthcare and medical community,
As many of you know we are amidst unprecedented times with the outbreak of COVID-19. With the increasing number of cases hospitals are seeing, and the long turnaround time for COVID testing, hospital personnel are running out of necessary medical equipment. At our hospital disposable gowns, surgical masks, N95 respirators, and face shields are all coming in short supply. If any of your offices would be willing to donate to local hospitals equipment that will not be used in the immediate future please let myself know.

We as a medical community need to band together, and any additional resources would help to keep our healthcare staff healthy.