Important Information Regarding COVID-19

Dear Friend and Colleague,

As you are well aware, there is tremendous uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic threat. Transmission of the virus is of paramount concern as is the ability of healthcare providers being able to maintain an adequate supply of personal protective equipment. The Partners of Endodontic & Periodontic Associates take these concerns very seriously.

As such, we wish to do our part in getting thru this crisis while minimizing the impact on those that work for our practice, as well as your patients that you entrust to our care. For these reasons, as of today, we are following the various dental societies recommendations limiting the scope of procedures performed in dental practices to essential or emergency cases only.

Therefore, in addition to enhancing our universal precautions protocols, we are limiting patient care to endodontic and periodontic emergencies, that include such symptoms as pain, swelling, infection, inability to eat, abscesses, bleeding, emergency extractions, etc. When you, or your patient call our office, the patient will be screened according to these parameters. We are also reaching out to existing patients for similar screenings and rescheduling to a later date those who do not meet the criteria. Please feel free to call the office and we will certainly let you know if the patient meets these criteria.

We know these are difficult and uneasy times. We will do all we can to ensure that your patients well-being and care remains a top priority.

Yours Truly,

The Partners of Endodontic & Periodontic Associates